unfolded 4 Aces_mixed materials_variable

but if you turn around, that's it._CNC on birch_120x120x280cm_2018


There is no right answer; there is only an answer. the implicative and symbolic thoughts developed in accidents, capital or scenes become a perspective on reality. And the invisible elements of anxiety and uncertainty included in that structure act as an important factor in extending the boundaries of perception and promoting the mutation of community thinking. The past, the present and the future are three dimensions of time and capital that are equally available to veryone. somewhat nonchalantly we have known, know and will know landscapes without knowing the shape, speed and texture of our mind with any certainty. we just choose a useful way, rather than a correct way, through internal thinking mobilized to prepare oneself to the unknown forces in certain situations we face; each of us lives in relative time within an abstract and subjective category. in order to understand the ultimate nature of consciousness, we need to find out how memory creates the past, the present, and the future.
past, present and future sections are divided and unfolded. it provides the audience with what resembles a view of a package design development figure. like the profiles of packages designed with bottom, front, rear and top sides separate from one another, the past present, and future that she explores are divided into sides and unfolded in the exhibition hall. other reasons her exhibition appears like a development figure include the entry and exit diagonally facing the cuboid hall and the arrangement wherein the rear side of the past (green) and front side of the future (white) are facing each other with the body of the present in the middle. we spend inertia on our calendar every year, segmenting and understanding our time in life. and each spends relative time within an abstract and subjective category. composition and image in space are symbolic devices for understanding various concepts and levels of time. to understand the nature of time, you need to find out what creates the game behind the scenes.